232key 1.50

Transforms data received via RS-232 into keystrokes (virtual keyboard wedge)

Transforms data received via RS-232 into keystrokes (virtual keyboard wedge)

232key captures data sent from a device connected to a serial port* of your PC and filters it to extract the first number. This number is formatted according to your requirements and typed it into any program as simulated keystrokes (virtual keyboard wedge). It can add an additional key at the end (e.g. "enter").

*Also called RS-232, EIA-232 or COM port. 232key also works with virtual COM ports (RS-232 to USB, Bluetooth SPP, etc.).

Examples of devices which may have serial connectivity: measurement instruments like scales and balances, sensors, bar code scanners.

232key is free (with additional, non-essential functionality available in the paid "Plus" version) and was designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Using 232key, getting your device to transfer measurement values or numeric bar codes over RS-232 into any software only requires these 6 steps (which are described in great detail on our website):

1. Connect your serial device to your PC.

2. Start 232key and choose the correct port and other connection parameters in the interface tab.

3. Choose the desired output format in format tab, including an additional key which 232key should press after typing the data.

4. Press the start button in start/stop tab.

5. Switch to the target program (while 232key runs in the background) and place the cursor where you want 232key to type the value.

6. Press the data transmission key on your device (usually labelled print or data) to transfer data.

Steps 1 to 3 have to be done only once, all settings are saved and loaded automatically.

232key features automatic COM port detection (for supported devices), has a modern user interface which conforms to the "look and feel" of your operating system and includes pre-defined settings for: A&D balances and scales, Adam Equipment CPWplus, Adam Equipment label format, Kern DE, MyWeigh HD-150 / HD-300, Ohaus (generic), Ohaus SPU, TA, NV. It supports AZERTY keyboards.

Its event log simplifies troubleshooting and you can get free assistance through the support form on our website.

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232key 1.50